Three Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Let’s face it: Cookies sheets are boring. Want to give something different/special to the newlyweds? Here are three ideas that go beyond kitchen/bedroom/bathroom ware!

1. A membership to a monthly wine club!
And what do you know…we have one of those! Our wineClub is a fun (and social!) way to try new wines while learning about grapes, wine-making, and wine regions all over the world. Choose the level – Estate or Chateau – and then select a 3-month, 6-month, or year membership!

2. A basket of wines to drink over time!
This was introduced to us by a wineClub member and we absolutely love it. Print out this wedding wine poem, bring it in to the shop, and we can help you select wine bottles with the corresponding colors!

3. A wine-tasting package!
Anyone planning a wedding knows that wine is a necessary part of the planning process. Melissa calls it PUI: Planning Under the Influence (and it’s perfectly legal). Purchase a wine-tasting package for the soon-to-be newlyweds to use either before or after the big day. It’s a great way to relax before the whirlwind or catch up post-honeymoon! Email Melissa for more details.

Choose one of the above, and we guarantee that the newlyweds will be happy they invited you!