Five Accessories Every Wine Drinker Should Own

In a world full of “stuff,” we thought it’d be helpful to share what we consider must-haves in any wine drinker’s home. Also, we promise this is not just some ploy to get you to buy things – all of the below are used by our team on a daily basis!

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1) VacuVin Wine Saver
Let’s start with the bottom line: Easy to use, extremely affordable, and super effective. This vacuum pump takes the air out of open bottles, significantly extending the wine’s lifetime (up to 4 days!). Bonus: The Wall Street Journal recently tested various preservation methods, and the VacuVin Wine Saver came out on top! Literally. ($14.99)

2) Rapid Wine Cooler
How many times have you wanted to drink a certain white/rosé, but couldn’t or had to wait a long time because it wasn’t cold? This is exactly why we keep a rapid chiller in our freezer at all times. Simply slip the frozen sleeve over the bottle, and the wine will be chilled n’ ready to go in 10 minutes! ($27.99)

3) A Double-Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew
Go beyond just keeping these in the house…Melissa, our manager, carries one in every purse! #nojudgement It’s a no-fail, wine-opening utensil that doesn’t take up a lot of space nor need to be charged. It’s also vital for this quote we live by: “Always carry a corkscrew, and the wine will present itself.” Preach. (starts at $9.99)

4) Champagne Saver
It’s important to keep your bubbly…well…bubbly! As soon as you open a sparkling, use this special top to keep the sparkle strong. It’ll even keep the bubbles overnight, so you can make that bottle last two days! (starts at $10.99)

5) Decanter/Aerator
Let’s face it: Some wine just needs oxygen. Keeping an aerator/decanter around is a great idea to be ready for wines that need to open up a bit for best enjoyment. Plus, they’ll make you look pretty cool. (Aerators start at $12.99 | Decanters start at $16.99)

And there you have it. Now just add wine!