Two Simple Wine Resolutions You Can Keep!

We know how it goes. Your New Year’s resolutions are made…and then broken about as fast as you made them. So we’ve come up with just TWO easy-to-keep goals as related to your wine-drinking this year:

1) Try new wines as often as possible.
Lucky for you, we make this very easy with our free tastings EVERY Wednesday and Friday night. But even outside of those days, start making an effort to new try wines/varietals you’ve never had before. There are over 35 countries that make wine and over 10,000 varieties of wine grapes, so you have plenty of options. Bonus if you start getting creative with food and wine pairings! We love that game so just ask if you need help.

2) Don’t say “I hate [insert kind of wine here].”
We hear it all the time: “I hate Chardonnay,” “I hate American wine,” “I hate rosé.” First of all, hate is a strong word. Second of all, we absolutely know that wine is subjective, HOWEVER even within a certain category of wine there are many different styles and certainly different wine-making methods. You may not like a big, oaky Chardonnay, but how about a crisp, unoaked Chardonnay? Saying that you hate a varietal/region is such a grand, silly statement, because have you really tried every single Chardonnay/American wine/rosé that was ever made? Until you can say you have, try to keep your mind open! Who knows? You might be surprised.

So here’s to those surprises and to all the delicious wines to come in 2018!