The Top 3 Misconceptions About Independent Wine Shops

These are some of the things we’ve been hearing lately regarding small, independent shops like ours, so we thought we should clear the air!!

Misconception #1 – The cheapest bottle is going to be $20.
That’s just poppycock. We try very hard to a) look for great deals for our customers and b) carry wines at friendly, everyday price points. There are A TON of options between $9 and $19/bottle. Note: We also have a small, unique selection of high-end, $50+ wines in the back, so take a peek if you’re ever looking for something special.

Misconception #2 – What you see on the shelf is what you get.
Again, not true. There are SO many interesting wines out there, so we try to mix things up on our shelves. We have some staples of course, but we’re constantly bringing in new wines. Also, just because you don’t see a certain wine, doesn’t mean we can’t get it or bring it back! We take special orders all the time, so just ask.

Misconception #3 – It’s intimidating.
We have a strict “pinkies down” rule at ourHouse. Our goal is to make wine fun, easy, and approachable for everyone, while educating and offering recommendations in a friendly way. Additionally, most of our team (Melissa, Rob, Allison, Blake, Carol, Ella, Dan) has been here since Day One, so this place is truly ourHouse. We will welcome you with open arms…and sometimes wine bottles!