Wines You Should Be Drinking this Fall!

We always see palates shift post-Labor Day as the temperatures drop and sweatshirts come out. Below are some of our top picks for wines you should seek out this Autumn!

Guess what? Rosé can and should be consumed year-round. Sure, some of our favorites go away because producers only make so much of it, but there are also so many that stay with us and pair beautifully with chili and other Fall dishes. Look for ones that have a darker hue!
House pick: Rustenberg Petit Verdot Rosé, South Africa ($14.99)

The prize grape from Beaujolais is actually another year-round beauty (try it with a chill!), but we especially love it in the Fall. Rustic earthiness combines with cranberry fruit notes. A no-brainer for Thanksgiving…or turkey burgers!
House pick: Chateau de Belleverne Beaujolais-Villages, France ($14.99)

Step aside Pinot Grigio…make room for Viognier in all its floral, fleshy glory. This varietal produces full-bodied, mouth-filling white wines that are pretty on their own or paired with curry dishes and butternut squash.
House pick: Domaine La Croix Belle Le Champ des Lys, France ($13.99)

Grilling? BBQing? Tailgating? Enter Zinfandel. This big, robust varietal is the perfect thing to pair with campfires, burgers, ribs, and falling leaves.
House pick: LangeTwins Zinfandel, California ($16.99)