LVE BYOB Spotlight Series: SUMO Sushi + Hibachi Grill

If we had to pick three words to represent Sumo, they would be: “friendly,” “quality,” and “presentation.”

The entire Sumo staff is just the happiest ever, always greeting you with a ton of enthusiasm and excitement as if you’re their most favorite customer. The quality of the fish is really superb too, and we had a number of sush-snobs in our group. And presentation…wow…from their chef’s special sauce served in a martini glass and sushi platters garnished with real flowers and artistically shaved orange peels…let’s just say you feel like you should be paying a lot more for what you’re getting.

On that note, the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality and size of the rolls. They’re not just rice logs either. The fish-to-rice ratio is perfect!

We’re fun roll folks, so we flipped to the “Chef’s Special Rolls” section of the menu. Highly recommend the Dragon Roll, Dynamite Roll, Godzilla Roll, and Yummy Yummy Roll. The Godzilla is a tuna, salmon and yellowtail roll that is deep-fried and comes with the aforementioned martini-style chef’s special sauce. #omgyes The Yummy Yummy has fresh mango on top that gives it a refreshing, tropical touch. It’s also appropriately named.

Again, the quality of the fish is fantastic, so we’re sure anything on the menu that comes from the sea is sure to please!

So many options. You might naturally think whites, but don’t be quick to rule out reds. Whether you stick with fish or go for teriyaki meats, a fruity Pinot Noir, Freisa or Merlot would work nicely.

We drank a Pinot Noir rosé (rosé + sushi = no brainer) from Germany that had brilliant strawberry notes and nice acidic structure to cut through the unagi (eel) and unagi sauce. Other whites that would work well: Muscadet (Melon de Bourgogne), Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chenin Blanc. Or how about another no-brainer? Sake!!! Which we carry, by the way.

In conclusion, go to Sumo for nothing but smiles and scrumptious sush-bomb!

Word to the Wise:
Ask for an ice bucket if you need to keep your bottle chilled, but ask them to put water in the bucket as well. Ice water is always best for chilling bottles/keeping bottles cold!

Sumo Sushi and Hibachi Grill | 2936 N. Broadway* | (773) 477-8510

*where Hiro’s used to be!