Wine = Stories = Life

One of our favorite things about working in the wine industry is meeting people and hearing their stories. Where they’ve been, what they’ve done, who they’ve met, wines they’ve tasted. There are enough places to visit in this world that would make it possible for one person to live millions of lifetimes. Unfortunately for us, we have but one lifetime (so make the most of it!), but fortunately for us, we have stories.

Hearing about other peoples’ adventures may make us green with envy, but they also enrich our minds and give us those feel-good feelings that one often gets from, say, drinking wine. Stories and experiences bring us together and give deeper meaning to the things we do and decisions we make.

How does this relate to the wineHouse experience? Well, just the other day, a customer came in needing a gift for some friends. She wanted something around $15, thought they liked Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, thinking it’d be a safe choice. We selected a bottle that fit the criteria and headed to the checkout counter.

In those 15 steps, however, we started chatting. It came up she was recently in Italy and has been more interested in wine since returning to the States. We talked about the wines she drank and enjoyed and how wonderful it was being in a place where such amazing wine is made.

When it was brought to her attention that we carry a lovely selection of Italian vinos, she became intrigued and we headed back over to the shelves. More stories unfolded and she ended up putting the Cabernet back and deciding on a Refosco and an Italian Pinot Nero. Quite the swap!

It’s these little moments in our day – these stories and personal connections – that make what we do so rewarding, so enjoyable and so worthwhile. So please, next time you’re in the shop – tell us where you’ve been! We want to hear and help you recreate those experiences through our wine selections. And we promise we won’t get TOO jealous…